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School Counseling
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School Counselor

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Welcome to a new year at North Lee!  My name is Lea Myers, and I am the School Counselor for our school.  For those who are new to North Lee, I will be meeting you in your classrooms very soon.  My goal, as a school counselor, is to serve the needs of all students as they develop academically, personally, and socially, through classroom guidance, one-on-one counseling, and small-group counseling.  Thank you for your interest in the school counseling program, and if you need to speak with me on any matters, please feel free to contact me.



The School Counselor works with every student in Kindergarten through fifth grades to help make school a safe and happy place.   Together, the school counselor assists students to understand things like good manners, how to make friends, and what to do when you're feeling bad.  School Counselors are trained to help kids understand some of the confusing things about life.  If you have questions about things that are going on at home or at school, the school counselor can help you find answers to those questions.  If something or someone is bothering you and getting in the way of your learning, the school counselor can help you figure out how to get past or resolve the problem.  And if she can't help you, she'll find someone else who can.   


My aim is to assist teachers and parents in the guiding of North Lee students to be "Leaders for Life". My guidance lessons will focus on Teamwork and Leadership, as well as the subjects listed below.

2013-2014 Guidance Lesson Plans
September  Respect, Manners, Friendship Skills, Self-Respect, Empathy
October  Responsibility, Study Skills, Cooperation
November  Perseverance, Coping Skills
December  Caring, Teamwork
January  Self-Discipline, Substance Abuse Prevention

Citizenship, Safety, Careers

March  Honesty, Communication Skills
April  Courage, Bullying Prevention
May  Fairness, Conflict Resolution, Multiculturalism