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A message from the TN Commissioner of Education - State Assessment Test Scores
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Sunday, September 19, 2010
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Dear Tennessee Parent,

Thank you for playing an active role in your child's education. Over the past couple of years we've made some changes at the state level that you will begin to see right now as you're looking at your child's Individual Profile Report.

Your child's achievement level might be lower than you're used to, but those levels reflect a higher bar that the state has set for student achievement. It does not mean your child has fallen behind.

In January 2008 Tennessee adopted revised academic standards through the Tennessee Diploma Project. Tennessee educators developed these revised standards to better prepare students for the expectations of college and the workforce.

During the 200910 school year, students completed their first year of learning and testing on those standards. The tests given in 200910 reflect not only revised academic standards, but a much higher bar for the "proficient" and "advanced" levels of achievement.

It was necessary for us to raise the bar for students to keep them on a level playing field with their peers across the nation. The new levels that you see are an accurate reflection of student achievement and what it takes for your child to be ready for college and careers

What can you do now? Despite the immediate outlook, these changes mean your child and students across the state will be better prepared for global success. In the short term, please talk with your child's teacher and school administrators. Your presence is important and we are committed to every child's success.

Timothy K. Webb
Commissioner of Education

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